Democratizing financial education.

A UX re-design of the Coinbase mobile app.


Role: UX/Product Designer
Skills: Brand strategy, competitive analysis, usability heuristic evaluation, user personas, user journeys, UI design, presentation design
Context: UX Heuristic Evaluation of Coinbase iOS app
Team: 1 other UX Designer

Coinbase Learn was a UX re-design based on Nielsen Norman Group’s 10 Usability Heuristic principles. The goal was to improve the existing Coinbase iOS app to enable people from all backgrounds to understand cryptocurrency and web 3.0 so that they could feel more welcome to participate in the space.

This serves new users and their ability to further understand investing from a web 3.0 perspective, while also expanding Coinbase’s existing user base and market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market. On a larger and perhaps a more societal scale, this increases the awareness of how to invest and participate in the market economy.

Problem space

The problem we discovered with Web 3.0 was the lack of understanding of it's purpose, importance, and how to invest in it.

We believed that by making cryptocurrency and web 3.0 easier to understand, more new users would be attracted to download the app and see themselves represented in the web 3.0 mission of democratizing finance for all.

By focusing on onboarding new users and making them feel welcome and a part of a bigger purpose, they feel more invested in using the app and investing into web 3.0 as a movement.

Democratizing finance for all

Our approach was to understand the space of web 3.0, cryptocurrency’s role in it, and how to simplify the onboarding experience for new Coinbase users.

Could there be a way to make investing in cryptocurrency more user-friendly, and easy to understand for new investors/buyers?

Our persona would be a new user like Markus, looking to learn more about crypto and investing. Like for many folks, the web 3.0 space is often intimidating and mysterious. There is also a lot of complicated language which can be used to gate-keep information. Our hypothesis was that through inclusive onboarding and providing opportunities for web 3.0 and investing education, Coinbase could build more trust with new and existing users for the long-term.

Opportunities for financial literacy could be an area of potential for Coinbase to gain user trust and enable more folks to join the web 3.0 movement.

Hearing about cryptocurrency often from his friends and coworkers, Markus gets curious about investing in the space.

He downloads the Coinbase iOS app at home to explore it.

After going through a welcoming guided onboarding process and learning more, Markus feels confident in Coinbase and web 3.0 as well as his investing abilities. and spreads the word to his friends.

Markus feels like he belongs to a movement bigger than himself. He feels his investments are a part of a community of people who care about financial and economic empowerment, and he wants to help build a fairer future for all by investing in it.

Manage, Earn, and Learn

After various iterations and additional feedback from educators and peers, we focused on key actions on the homepage, highlighted next steps on how to buy, created an additional page for News instead of an infinite scroll on the home page, and consolidated the menu to “Manage, Earn, and Learn” categories.

Consistency and Standards: Re-designing the homepage with a focus on Buy, Send, and Receive functions.

Help & Documentation: Guided onboarding flow with welcoming/inclusive language.

User Control & Freedom: A news page focusing on crypto education and how to invest for beginners.

Aesthetic & Minimal Design: Re-organizing the hamburger menu with Manage, Earn, and Learn categories.

Revised user task flow including an onboarding guide for new users and a separate News page to learn more about crypocurrency, web 3.0, and investing.


By embedding inclusive language during the onboarding process, simplifying the homepage into 3 key actions, and integrating financial education into their design, Coinbase can not only bring more people into adopting the web 3.0 space and mindset, but advance their market capitalization, increase revenue, and create an empowering playing field for all.