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Role: Product Manager, UX/Product Designer
Timeframe: 1-2 months
Agency: Co.Lab
Mentor Match


As a part of Co.Lab’s Product Management Sprint program, I was tasked to explore a problem space, perform extensive user research to validate it, and present a product-based solution.

As Product Manager, I wanted to understand the problem space of career transitions, how people got there, their biggest pain points, and how to design the support they wish they had during this time to help their overall wellbeing.

Survey results.

Understanding career transitions and wellbeing.

I decided to explore the problem space of career transitions, after going through this challenge personally. Dealing with change can be difficult, and can greatly affect one’s confidence. Whether it be due to a layoff, seeking more work/life balance, coming back from a break, or trying to maintain finances while searching for a new job—all of this can be overwhelming. Sometimes, all we may need is the moral support, mentorship, and guidance to get us through.

What does mentorship really mean, and how could it look like in a digital experience? I was curious about bringing the focus back to the actual act of service itself, and explore what this could look like as a product. This problem space matters because it’s difficult to navigate career transitions alone, especially in an emerging industry such as Tech.

We often need the guidance of another professional with more experience, wisdom, and resources than us.
Identifying personas.

How might we provide genuine and tailored career support for tech transitioners?

Results showed that people needed additional peer support while career switching and job searching. There’s a social piece that cannot be denied, whether that looks like reaching out to a recruiter, learning more about a company's culture, following influencers, receiving mentorship, CV feedback, or simply being surrounded by supportive friends and family.

Survey Findings:
  1. Navigating Career Transitions (Responses)
  2. 100% of respondents listed that they needed more support while job searching
  3. 100% of respondents used social media and online networks to find jobs
  4. 82.4% wanted professional support and honest feedback to improve as a candidate
  5. 75% said that comparing self to others was also a big negative factor
  6. 70.6% wanted emotional support and someone to listen + empathise with them
  7. 64.7% said that losing confidence was a bit negative effect
  8. 63% said that family and friends support helped the most
  9. 62.5% said that creating a daily routine + having structure helped
  10. 62.5% also said not receiving tailored / relevant / sensitive feedback was a negative
  11. 58.8% said that managing finances was also a negative
Finding gaps.

A focus on qualitative, tailored mentorship regarding the mentees context matters in building trust and a longer-term relationship. It’d be great to get more user feedback in the near future or pitch this idea to startup founders.

The ideal user is a professional in tech (or who wants to transition into tech) looking for quality, dedicated, and 1:1 structured social support so they can better prepare professionally and personally for their transitions.

  • 1:1 quality and dedicated mentorship
  • The sharing of relevant and tailored resources based on the mentees context / situation
  • Accountability via structured and periodic check-ins based on the mentees goals


MentorMatch is a matchmaking mentorship service that connects enthusiastic professionals in tech with dedicated mentors passionate about helping them succeed in their careers. With the sharing of industry resources, insider wisdom, and social support, mentees are able to build their innate confidence as they navigate career transitions with more ease.